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We are proud to have partnered with Spillway Baits to offer Wedge Tails. Very colorful and full of action! These will change the look and profile of your jigs to give a different look and presentation when the bite is slow. Great alternative to other tail materials out there! 25 tails per package.

More options to follow in the near future!


With the growing market for these silicon wedge tails we have decided to offer a cutting system in which customers can cut their own with speed, accuracy and with substantial cost savings for their tails. All components are precision made for repeatable and accurate cuts. We offer the system in 2 different versions. System1 is the cutter board, cutter base and press plate. For System 1 you will need your own hand press. System 2 includes hand press, cutter board and press plate. Also included with each System is a template to cut the pre-dimensioned tabs you will cut the sheets into for the cutter. Each tab will cut produce 22 tails with little waste. Cutter will cut up to 3 tabs at a time. Thats 66 tails in seconds!!! Razor will also be included to use with the template. Please watch our video for instructions on how to use the system. 

We will also be selling the sheets in most of the colors you see listed below.

Each sheet produces 176 tails same exact size every time!

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