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These chenille colors are our very own and we have developed them over the last 20 years. Proven and now offered to the public. Different and many fish catching colors. Medium (size 4) and Large (size 8) Chenille is in 20ft packages. This size chenille will eliminate double wrapping and save you on materials. Our skeins are 72 yards. They do cost a little more than the industry standard(size 2 or 3) due to the larger size but will save you money in the long run!

Give them a try!!

One of the base colors of chenille we use to create many of our chenilles has changed. This will affect several of our colors and will discontinue a couple as well. Lucky Charm and Aqua Green will no longer be available once the current supply is out. Colors that will have a different look(Darker Shade) due to this change will be Red Draw, Chartreuse Pearl, Blueberry, Mossy Blue, Pearl Moss and Apple Cider. This change has however produced some new look chenilles that will be posted soon.


Size Comparison of our Medium (top) and Large (bottom) Custom Chenille and Crystal

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