Woods and Water Outdoors pill jig heads are poured in house using a spin cast machine and custom molds. We use Vickory V-Lock nickel sickle hooks that are razor sharp with a wide gap for penetrating hook sets. We offer these heads unpainted and in 6 different hook and head sizes.

Heads come in 25 and 100 count packages and priced accordingly.

Be sure and check out our PAINT and 3D EYES selection as well!

Hook Sizes

1/4oz Size 2 Victory V-Loc

3/16oz Size 2 Victory V-Loc

1/8oz Size 4 on Victory V-Loc

1/16oz Size 4 on Victory V-Loc

1/32 Size 6 on Victory V-Loc

1/64 Size 8 Victory V-Loc