Here at Woods and Water Outdoors we understand that quality is our number one goal. That is why we purchase and dye our own feathers in house right here in Texas. We offer the basic colors and a large selection of other fish catching colors we have developed over the years. Patrick is always experimenting and will be adding other new colors and time goes on.

All feathers dyed over natural white. Feathers will be priced according to quality. 4-6" Neck Hackle will typical only be used for the tips especially the bags priced at $5.95. 

We have two grades of Neck Hackle in the 5-8" range. The Standard Neck Hackle is $20 an ounce. The Premium Neck Hackle is $35 an ounce. The standard grade will have "V's" but may be thinner, and the Premium will produce some larger "V" cuts. I will only dye the Premium feather in bulk.  If you are looking for one of our colors and we do not have it stocked or you are wanting bulk please contact us at 

Patrick Corcoran explains differences in our neck and saddle hackle.

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