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We have been outdoorsmen since we can remember. Grew up fishing creeks, ponds, small lakes and the Red River for anything that would bite.


Patrick started focusing on crappie fishing during his college years. Fishing a lot at Proctor and surrounding lakes. He would say it kept him in school and then kept him in school too long.  It was during this time that Patrick met men that tied their own jigs and they always caught more than just about anyone else. After a time Patrick decided to give it a try himself. That was 20 years ago. Over that time Patrick started developing his own materials and he specializes in creating chenilles and tail material combinations that will mimic any plastic that can be poured.

About that same time Steve started his woodworking business and has progressed in designing and building wood furniture for the airgun industry for the last 20 years. Steve followed his brother in the crappie fishing "bug" and started tying his own jigs as well. Woods and Water Outdoors has been a woodworking business since the early 2000's but now the "Water" part has been brought in just like we had always wanted. Passion has turned into a business and we wouldn't have it any other way!




We look forward to sharing ideas with you and helping you catch more fish consistently by tying your own jigs and if you need a grip or a stock for an airgun we can help you with that too!

See you in the Woods or on the Water and enjoy the great Outdoors!

Patrick and Steve Corcoran

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