January Featured Product

Custom Dyed Neck Hackle and Marabou

Neck Hackle(AKA Saltwater Hackle) and Marabou are both popular tailing materials for tying jigs. We dye all of our feathers in house to assure quality control. Many of our colors are developed for a specific tie and they are named for that tie and of course can be used in other patterns.

Texas Toast Neck Hackle


Shrimp Pink Marabou


Watch Patrick Corcoran explain differences in our feathers and see a new color that we will be offering!

Learn how to tie the B52 color. This jig is highly popular for winter crappie fishing in Texas and Oklahoma!

Learn how to tie a Salt and Pepper jig using 2 colors of chenille!

Learn how to tie our Blue Ice jig using our custom products

Watch Patrick Corcoran explain the differences and uses for neck and saddle hackle

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