Our chenilles are in short supply. We have everything on order that is out of stock and more. When we get new stock available we will notify all subscribers through email. It will take some time to get everything back in stock due to high demand of products. Thank you for using Woods and Water Outdoors for your tying materials.

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Lemon Ice


Shad Blue


Silver Crystal

Gold Crystal

Pearl Crystal

Black Crystal


Coffee Mill


Faux Rainbow Trout

Crystal Disco

We have 10 skeins of Blue Milk that are not up to our standard. Contact me at info@woodsandwateroutdoor.com or call 940-360-3473 if you are interested in this material. We should have a reasonable flow of chenilles arriving in the coming weeks. Thank you for using Woods and Water Outdoors for you tying needs.

Several of our customers have been kind enough recently to share how they are using our materials and the patterns they like to fish. Thank you all for sharing your ideas and helping us all be more productive on the water. If you want to share you ideas email them to info@woodsandwateroutdoors.com and we would be proud to post them here on the homepage!


Trippystixjigs shared these three awesome ties with us. The jig on the left features Lime Gold chenille with Green Chartreuse neck hackle. The middle jig features Blue Diamond chenille and the jig to the right features Money Chenille. Thank you TJ for sharing your unique work with us all.


Laurie shared this beautiful tie with us highlighting salt and pepper chenille with Electric Blue and Silver Gray neck hackle. Thank you Laurie for sharing your work with us.


Keith shared these two awesome patterns with us. The jig on the left highlights Flo Chartreuse Cactus chenille with Flo Orange neck hackle and krystal flash. The jig on the right highlights Blue Thunder chenille with Electric Blue and Gray Ghost neck hackle and Pearl flashabou. Both jigs are on 1/16th heads with Victory V-Loc sickle hooks #4. Thank you Keith for sharing! 


Jeremy shared these two beautiful ties. The jig on the left highlights blue emerald chenille with slate neck hackle. The jig on the right highlights blue spec chenille with silver gray neck hackle. Thank you Jeremy for sharing!


Stephen shared these two excellent ties. The jig on the left is called Candy Green highlighting chartreuse cactus chenille and lime neck hackle. The jig on the right is called The Joker highlighting purple cactus chenille with chameleon purple and green chartreuse neck hackle. Thank you Stephen for sharing!


Items will be added as we grow. Any questions or comments about the site or products please contact us via e-mail or phone.


Patrick and Steve Corcoran

940 360 3473