Several of our customer have been kind enough recently to share how they are using our materials and the patterns they like to fish. Thank you all for sharing your ideas and helping us all be more productive on the water. If you want to share you ideas email them to and we would be proud to post them here on the homepage!


Alex shared these two patterns. The jigs on the left are called sexy shad using radiation, winter run purple, and ghost neck hackle. Chenille is pearl crystal with predator wrap added to the tail. Jigs to the right are called Lavender Shad highlighting winter run neck hackle, barred predator wrap and pearl crystal. 

Russell shared this jig highlighting black ruby chenille and red neck hackle!


Nope its not the same fish. Travis caught these two beauties within 5 minutes of each other using custom baits from Woods and Water! 

Eric Weaver.jpeg

Quite the memory for Eric and his two nephews. A little late spring snow did not stop the crappie action.  Great job guys!

Eric's catching 3 at a time on Crappie Brothers Jigs!! Awesome Fishing!!


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Kent shared this jig highlighting shad blue chenille and green chartreuse neck hackle!

Jim shared these jigs highlighting our skull jighead and his unique paint style!