Right hand thumbhole stock for HW95/R9. Stock is cut from nice grade of walnut with decorative grip and forend caps and decorative lase cut bordered stippling. Also comes with an adjustable curved recoil pad and brass screw cups. Shadow line cut under cheek piece for added detail. Exceptionally comfortable and great looking stock!

$695.00 shipped in CONUS.

All stocks come with a jar of my custom oil finish.

Right hand FWB sporter in nice grade of French Walnut. Comes with decorative grip cap, decorative laser cut border grip stippling and HW style trigger guard. Very comfortable and fit for these highly popular spring guns. 

Use factory hardware to mount the action-will include washer for rear anchor screw through front of trigger guard. 

$545.00 shipped in CONUS. 

Stock comes with a jar of my custom oil finish.

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